Pool Balustrade Rules That You Must Know About

pool balustrade Gold Coast

It is necessary to find a style that is according to rules of pool balustrade Gold Coast. This process can be very difficult and complicated sometimes when you are unaware of the rules. Before getting the pool balustrade for your house, you just need to know about the rules and regulations of the area where your property is located.

The actual purpose of following the rules is to ensure your security and it will only give you benefits. You will be able to reduce the risk of damages and accidents by following the rules, measuring the height, and functionality of the balustrades and fence. You must know about the rules according to the different types of balustrades. Each rule change when the size, shape, and designs are different from each other.

If you want to add decks on the balcony in your house then you must know that you need to install a balustrade when the height of the ground is more than one meter. The height of the balustrade must be one meter taller. There must be no gaps and spaces between the designs of the balustrade. The width of the balustrade is allowed only 125mm. you have to follow this rule for your stairs and railings in the house. The balustrades that are used for the balconies must be four meters above the ground and it must be located between 150-760mm from the floor. The height of the balustrades must be 856mm taller from the stairs tread.

If you want to install the balustrades around the pool then it must be 1200mm taller and you need to measure it from the ground level. There must be small gaps between the fences or balustrades and it must not exceed 100mm. There must not be any climbable things more than 900mm and this rule is to increase the security of the kids and pets.

If the height of the fence is less then you have to ensure that there are no climbable objects because it can be risky for the kids. If the height of the pool fence is less then you can install the climbable objects inside the fence rather than at the outside.  There must be gates with the fence or balustrades that are installed around the pool and the gates must be closed and open at their own instead of opening them. The Stainless Steel Balustrade Gold Coast is best to use for this purpose.