Best functions you can choose for plunge pool in Perth

When you decide to have a plunge pool in Perth for your backyard, you must think of the features and functions for your plunge pool. Building a plunge pool in your backyard without having extra features and functions is like nothing because the primary purpose of the plunge pool is to relax and enhance the look of your house. 

Having these features in your plunge pool provide your backyard a luxury look and premium feel. So let’s get to the list of best and practical features for your plunge pool:

  • Lights:

Lights give your plunge pool an aesthetic effect which is so relaxing for sight. It allows you to see the things clearly in your pool at night. Lighting gives great effects while you are doing parties and family gathering near your plunge pool.

  • Colours:

Colours have their value whether you have fibreglass, concrete, or vinyl made plunge pool. They are not installed initially in your pool; you have to pay extra money for their installation because they are the additional feature for your plunge pool. They have the same effect on your pool like the colour on your house and cars does. 

  • Safety Covers:

All the above features are used to enhance the look of your plunge pool. But this one is more practical because of its safety feature. These covers are like a trampoline, stretched tightly across your pool and hooked onto anchors in the concrete. Most importantly, it saves your children from falling into the pool. It is recommended for those who have children aged less than 10.

  • Automatic Pool cleaner:

when you use your plunge pool regularly, it needs maintenance and cleaning. Because if you continue to use it without cleaning, it gets dirty and may carry germs that cause sickness to you and your family. So it would be best if you used the automatic pool cleaner for cleaning purposes. It will save you time and will clean your plunge pool with ease. 

  • Ceramic Tiles:

These tiles are only available for concrete and fibreglass plunge pools. But for the vinyl liner, you can purchase a liner with a decorated border, and it will give the same effect. It gives the plunge pool premium look and classy finishing, and it is worth your money. 


For your Plunge Pool in Perth, these above-mentioned features will be worth the investment. These features provide your plunge pool safety as well as an aesthetic look. That will make your pool more appealing.