Best season to open a plunge pool gold coast

When you are living in the area, where you cannot swim all year, then you have to prepare your plunge pools gold coast according to the season. The best season to open your plunge pool is the spring season. When you open your pool, you need to clean your pool first. You can hire pool cleaning companies for help, but most of the homeowners like to clean it by themselves because they enjoy this cleaning activity. So if you are one of those people, you need to keep some points in your mind first before you start to clean your plunge pool.

Clean the cover and deck:

When you want to open your pool, the first thing you need to do is to remove the cover. But before you remove, you need to clean it properly so the debris won’t be swept into the pool. If you want to clean more precisely, you can buy a small portable pump to remove the standing water from the cover of the pool. 

Removing the pool cover:

If you are lucky to have an automatic pool cover, then it is good, but if you have winterizing cover, you should ask someone to help you in the removal of the cover and place it on the clean area. So you can clean it easily by scrubbing it with detergent. After that cleaning, wait to let it dry and then fold it and store it in a safe and dry place. 

Remove plugs:

The pool should be winterized properly. If you did it correctly, you have plugs in the pipelines of water to prevent them from cracks and freezing. Now you have to remove them. 

Set up your deck equipment:

If you removed the handrails, diving board and slides before, now you have to reinstall them. Check the nuts & bolts and spray some oil on all of them to prevent them from rusting. You can find this oil on the hardware stores. 

Fill the pool with water:

When open plunge pools gold coast, fill it with water. Make sure the water level should be reached to the midway of the waterline tile. If you want to remove the stains or any scale from the tiles, you can also use the household tile cleaner.