How to maintain a swimming pool

If you have a pool and you want to get most out of it all the season long with just a little maintenance, you can keep it in the best of the conditions and that is not something which cannot be achieved easily. You can just do the water pool services at your own. For this you don’t need some expensive water appliances. Here in this article we are going to have a glance into the possibilities of maintaining a swimming pool using least resources and effort to make it a pain free process.

Actually to make it easier and comprehensible for all we are going to break down the pool maintenance into five major portions that would make it easy to understand. And these five are stated in the following,

  • Balance
  • Chlorine
  • Shock
  • Algaecide
  • Skim, brush and sweep

A few additional supplies that you will need in the pool maintenance are the chlorine tablets, water test strips, water shock, algaecide, a skimmer net, pool brush and a pool vacuum. Some further supplies that could be arranged for an even better maintenance are water clarifier, scale metal, and stain control along with a chlorine floater.

Now when it comes to the practical measures for the pool maintenance, they are really very easy. You just need to spare some sufficient time on a weekly basis, beginning with the water balance test this test would let you know that what exact products does your pool water needs to be poured in. the next step is to chlorinate the water. Free chlorine level from one to four parts per million will help you keep away the bacteria and harmful viruses that could cause many serious threats to your health. Then additionally your pool might need a shock test where you have to further raise the chlorine levels into the water which is contaminated due to rain or may be the excessive usage. And just make sure to not enter the pool unless those levels do not fall between 1-4 PPM. If your pool walls and floor feels slick and oily this means that you have an algae build up which is quite common for any swimming pool. So use an algaecide on a regular basis to prevent you pool from growing unwanted algae growth. Do not forget or compromise on the skim and sweep routine. This would make sure to rid from the routine small to medium debris that get collected into your pool. As maintaining a swimming pool is far easier than maintaining a luxury yacht for sure.

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